A letter to my 15 year old self ~

A letter to my 15 y/o self… Hello you sweet, confused, struggling human. These are the things I wish you were aware of. First of all, I want you to know that you are always enough, just as you are. I do not want you to join in with the others as they find flaws… Continue reading A letter to my 15 year old self ~

How (not) to Exercise During a Lockdown ~ article

How do you exercise? Is your main focus how much you are “burning”? Do you feel as though food is something you must “earn”? For a long time, thoughts of a punitive nature would pop into my head during workouts, and I unfortunately know that I am not alone. I also know that is a sad way to live life.


I think about being a little girl Swimming I did always love the sea Getting lost in the blue, the blurred line between sky and water Swimming fast One stroke Two strokes, faster If I swim slower my hair drifts away from me, billows like seaweed as it catches up with my new rhythm I… Continue reading Mermaids

Gin Lalli ~ Empty Your Stress Bucket

Hello internet reader! This evening, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a talk put on for Mental Health and Wellbeing Week, featuring psychotherapist Gin Lalli. She was an excellent speaker with a background in science. For my own benefit, and for yours, here follows a breakdown of the main points made by… Continue reading Gin Lalli ~ Empty Your Stress Bucket

Will it fit? ~ recovery and clothing size

Hello hello! I'm currently traveling and have some time to kill, so thought I would sit down and attempt to catch and solidify all of the thoughts that have been buzzing around my brain for the past few days. Today, I'm going to bring to you a little spiel about clothes which are the wrong… Continue reading Will it fit? ~ recovery and clothing size