Gin Lalli ~ Empty Your Stress Bucket

Hello internet reader! This evening, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a talk put on for Mental Health and Wellbeing Week, featuring psychotherapist Gin Lalli. She was an excellent speaker with a background in science. For my own benefit, and for yours, here follows a breakdown of the main points made by… Continue reading Gin Lalli ~ Empty Your Stress Bucket

Good Girl Burn Out

Hello internet. Long time no write. I have been feeling v e r y drained recently. And I have been struggling lots with coming to terms with this. For most of my life, I have been a high achiever, constantly pushing myself to do more more MORE. I am a fairly experienced and successful multi-tasker,… Continue reading Good Girl Burn Out

What nobody tells you pt. 1

**TW EDs** Hello to whoever has stumbled across this! Doing something a bit different, and sharing a word vomit on here. Might make a series of this, with 3 things each time. Maybe not. I hope it is thought provoking. If you feel triggered, please please seek help or chat to me. You will lose… Continue reading What nobody tells you pt. 1

Will it fit? ~ recovery and clothing size

Hello hello! I'm currently traveling and have some time to kill, so thought I would sit down and attempt to catch and solidify all of the thoughts that have been buzzing around my brain for the past few days. Today, I'm going to bring to you a little spiel about clothes which are the wrong… Continue reading Will it fit? ~ recovery and clothing size

Skipping meals – and why you shouldn’t

Hello hello! In this post, I am going to talk about why you should not skip meals, so keep on readin' if that sounds like something that might apply to you ❤ I just wanted to jump on real quick and write about skipping meals in recovery (although this frankly applies to anyone). I think… Continue reading Skipping meals – and why you shouldn’t