I think about being a little girl Swimming I did always love the sea Getting lost in the blue, the blurred line between sky and water Swimming fast One stroke Two strokes, faster If I swim slower my hair drifts away from me, billows like seaweed as it catches up with my new rhythm I… Continue reading Mermaids

~ How to punch diet culture in the face this festive season ~

Ngl I think that is a most catchy title. If it got your attention: hey! I hope you get something out of this post. Keep on reading for my best tips at the moment. There is no denying that most people accept values pushed onto us by diet culture as their own. Internalising such ideas… Continue reading ~ How to punch diet culture in the face this festive season ~

Gin Lalli ~ Empty Your Stress Bucket

Hello internet reader! This evening, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a talk put on for Mental Health and Wellbeing Week, featuring psychotherapist Gin Lalli. She was an excellent speaker with a background in science. For my own benefit, and for yours, here follows a breakdown of the main points made by… Continue reading Gin Lalli ~ Empty Your Stress Bucket

What nobody tells you pt. 1

**TW EDs** Hello to whoever has stumbled across this! Doing something a bit different, and sharing a word vomit on here. Might make a series of this, with 3 things each time. Maybe not. I hope it is thought provoking. If you feel triggered, please please seek help or chat to me. You will lose… Continue reading What nobody tells you pt. 1